Friday, April 27, 2012

Infatuation? Obsession? Or Love?

Is it Infatuation?  Obsession? Or Love?

          When You are glancing everywhere hoping to see that person,
          When You are waiting for a special moment to be with that person,
          When You are wandering if he/she has been committed or not,
          When You are becoming interested to what he/she likes,
          When You are gathering many pieces of info’s about such person,
          When You are overloading your brain with his/her thoughts.

          I just want to make a clear interpretation of these words as I find it confusing at some time. I even ask myself if I am falling in love, madly in love, or just obsessed for that one thing.

          Infatuation – temporary passion; an intense but short-lived and irrational passion for         somebody or something.
          Obsession – preoccupation; an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind.
          Love – passionate attraction and desire; a passionate feeling of romantic desire and sexual     attraction; an intense feeling of tender affection and compassion.

          I therefore conclude that love is a magical feeling, yung wala kang matinong dahilan kung bakit mo sya mahal, yung hindi mo maexplain ang saya pag kasama mo sya, yung masaya ka para sa kanya kahit nasasaktan ka, yung ikaw lang sa sarili mo ang totoong nakakaalam ng tunay mong nararamdaman… at marami pang ibang magical feelings. 
          As I watched the beginning of the new teleserye “Princess and I” last night, I’d remember Albert Martinez said this line - Love is a special language; all we have to do is to listen.

          Minsan na din akong tinamaan at tinablan ng pana ni Kupido (saka ko nalang ikukwento). Basta ito lang ang masasabi ng isang tulad kong may Pusong Bato este Pusong Mamon din naman kahit pano,

Ang Pag-ibig ay parang movie na Harry Potter, Full of Magic. 

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