Sunday, August 5, 2012

Failure is Never Final!

Failure is never final!
The only time you can’t afford to fail is the very last time you try.

Failure doesn’t mean I’m a failure;
It does mean I haven’t succeeded yet.

Failure doesn’t mean I’ve been a fool;
It does mean I had enough faith to experiment.

Failure doesn’t mean I’ve been disgraced;
It does mean I dared to try.

Failure doesn’t mean I don’t have what it takes;
It does mean I must do things differently next time.

Failure doesn’t mean I’ve wasted my time;
It does mean I have a reason to start over.

Failure doesn’t mean I should give up;
It does mean I must try harder.

Failure doesn’t mean I’ll never make it;
It does mean I need more patience.

Failure doesn’t mean I’m wrong;
It does mean I must find a better way.

Failure doesn’t mean God has abandoned me;
It does mean God has a better idea.

- Robert H. Schuller -
Failure is Never Final!
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