Saturday, July 28, 2012



I know a man, who is the captain of captains;
A clever one who can challenge and beat anyone;
A legend from the deepest ocean up to far away land;
A man who never sigh no matter how high the tides fly;
A gentleman who have no fear of being alone in the middle of the sea;
A warrior who fight fearlessly against the monstrous creature of the underworld;
Meet the savvy pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow…

Friday, July 20, 2012

Postdated Poem

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A single gentle smile
I can run a thousand mile
A touch of a gentle hand
Feels like I’m in cotton land
A gentle sound of the voice
Can throw away all noise
A feeling of a gentle care
It’s like hugging a teddy bear
That gentle feeling I hate
Will take me to my fate?

- Astro Naughty
June 19, 2013

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Life is a Big ?

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My Life is a Big?
            It’s like every time I am alone sitting, eating or waiting at any place, there’s a person who will talk to me if I know UNO or where I am working, I looked familiar to them; their ways of introducing/inviting people to be curious in the kind of job they have and in which I never ever get interested! Once I met a student who said that there’s a part time job, office work she said…but when I went at the place she told me to go, another person picked me up going to that other place, UNO place! Another one, when I’m in a mall a girl said that they were hiring, what she’s doing in her job is encoding checks, that salary is Php 516 a day  and their company named Pinoy Data Capture, she lied! I thought its real but when I looked for their building, I found nothing and realized, “it’s UNO again…” I don’t want to join them. There’s something wrong about the modus operandi they have just to invite people to go to their place where they will have a talk and will tell about the successful members’ money, luxury, etc.etc.
            Oo, wala nga silang ninanakaw na pera sa bawat taong nahikayat nilang pumunta sa office nila pero naisip kaya nila na hindi nga pera,ngunit oras ang nawala sa mga taong naniwala sa mga kasinungalingan na binitawan ng iba sa kanila? At maaaring may isinakripisyo o gawaing tinalikuran ang mga taong iyon para lang makapunta dun…Totoo nga ang UNO,madaming umasenso,sikat na mga miyembro, kilalang personalidad, pero sana lang alisin nila yung panloloko effect/modus ng ibang members para lang makapagrecruit ng bagong miyembro.
July 5, 2012
            I was sitting at the bench in a mall when a girl and a guy approach me. I have the feeling that they were UNO members because that wasn’t the first or second time I encountered such.  I said that I’m not interested about UNO. He asked me why and I said, “I just don’t want.” I hate conversation period! I just want to unwind there sitting at the bench alone. He still speak to me, asked me some questions. I just replied for every questions of him until it gets to the point when I heard the same question again…
“Eh, anong plano mo sa buhay?”
“Anong ginagawa mo dito?
Wala…tambay lang.
            He told me stories about his life, that he is the breadwinner of the family, became supervisor of ACS and the course he wanted to take but failed to take due to financial reason. Then he asked me,
“Ikaw ba ate,ano talaga yung gusto mong course?”
Wala…para akong vacuum…empty!
            He laughed and said his concerned kase daw ngayon lang sya nakakilala ng taong katulad ko. At least once upon a time e nakakilala sya ng katulad ko, isang taong ang plano sa buhay ay ganito...?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Malabo pa sa sabaw ng patis…

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How can I describe myself as a student?

          I don’t take things seriously. I go to school for two or three times a week. I’m absent most of the time but I’m still there hanging out at the school yard wherever I want to stay and rest until I missed the hours of my classes. Perhaps boredom always misses me so it visits me daily. I’m lazy to attend classes but when I do, sometimes I either felt asleep or I’m just an eager beaver student sitting and day dreaming while others are listening.

          When I was a kid I want to be a teacher, a writer, an architect and to be an engineer as well. But as I get older I used to ask myself what I really wanted and I always end up saying, “I don’t know…” Time passed by but still I don’t have a clear vision about my goals in life.

Conclusion as of July 1, 2012:
          Malabo pa sa sabaw ng patis ang plano ko sa buhay. Oh baka naman madami lang akong gustong gawin, yun nga lang di ko alam kung pano ko sila sisimulan? Isa lang naman lage ang pinoproblema ko e, walang iba kundi ang SARILI KO…
          Pano ko kaya malulutas ang problemang ito? Nagsisimba naman ako, lage kong kinakausap si Bro, wala naman gumugulo sa isip ko, Lovelife? Wala… Kaaway? Wala dn… Wala naman akong atraso sa batas, dehndz ako nagdadrugs…wala akong pinatay at hindi dn naman ako nakapatay. Ewan!Basta ang hirap kapag sarili mo na pinoproblema mo pa. Hmp!
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