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“Oh, anong gagawin mo sa Batangas, kukuyakuyakoy kana lang…?”

June 18, 2012

            Once I had definitely decided to go, I started packing. I went straight to the assistant manager and told her about my plan of leaving the company. I stayed there for about two weeks. After I got my first salary June 16, 2012(Saturday), I decided to leave my ATM card at my table’s drawer thinking of the plan I have inside my mind for the day after tomorrow. But I realize I need not to run on my own problem. I need to face it as what Mon said.

            Mon is my schoolmate one year ahead of me. He was there for ten months and I am hired to be in his position because he wants to pursue his study. I admire his personality since I met him at the office. I know he is a brave man (though cannot be seen physically) with the courage to do anything he wants, a man who will strive more to reach his goal of being a Certified Public Accountant as well as to become a lawyer someday.

            It was past six o’clock in the evening when the manager called me at her office. I thought she will be angry about my plan to resign but I was so glad to hear words of teaching and advice from her. She gave me time to think…think…think… I am thankful I have a very nice boss in the office that time.
After office hours, accounting officers planned to have dinner at a resto. That was a simple treat of Markel who named himself Marky; I considered it the last supper.

            I won’t forget him for he was the one always asking me “Ok ka lang?” Almost two or three times a day, I answered that same question over and over again from sunrise until the sun hides. He is the comic relief in times of distress by anyone else in the office. Somebody’s life may be incomplete without his presence.

            That night, while we ate together they all encourage me not to give up too early. A lot of words of encouragement were thrown to me just to make me realize all the blessings God had already given me but I’m the one to refuse that offer.

            The poorest person in the world is not the one without a single cent in his pocket but the one without even a single dream as quoted by Ms. Ai as she gives her advice. Perhaps, I am the poorest person in the world.

            For the time I spent there, I’d seen that she is a woman who follows excellence. I find her interested to learn new things even beyond the scope of work or field of specialization she is in. I can really say that learning is a continuous process via Ms. Ai.

            One thought left me hanging that night. That was a message from an accounting officer who hardly taught me and reminded me that I’m so blessed of giving a chance to work in Makati.

            “Oh, anong gagawin mo sa Batangas, kukuyakuyakoy kana lang…?”

            “Toffer”, sounds like gay… That was my first impression when I heard his voice on the phone until I personally met him. Again, I had a little doubt as that was my second impression upon seeing him in person. Yes, I doubted him of being a man; I thought he was a typical gay but anyway first and second impression faded. I knew him as a loving father and husband to his family, a good friend and a teacher as well. If I will pick out only one word from the dictionary to simply describe him then, I choose the word compassionate (adj.) showing feelings of sympathy for the suffering of others, often with a desire to help.

June 22, 2012

            If one day, I found a dream at the street ways I’m walking, I will have the courage to grab it so I am not the poorest people in the world. And, if one day I met an architect, I will ask him how to make a plan of building a house so I can build my own. If that one day came, I will search all the people I met yesterday and tell them I found that one thing to keep on chasing…a dream…a goal to a happy ending.

Yours Truly,
Astro Naughty
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