Friday, April 27, 2012

I am...

I have a simple, strange personality that only few knew…
I am anonymous for my existence has not been as important as a historical figure or a character in a work of literature.
I am a solitary person, lone survivor of emptiness, always eager to help with kindness but aloof to the wild, chaotic space of anyone else.
I have my humble heart that others perceive as a stony silence, expressing no emotion at all.
I am still the shadow of my past, naïve and playful with the elements of the world.
I am once burdened with intense grief caused by fate I called DEATH.
I am buried by my sorrows and exhumed by the Angels of Light I called FRIENDS.
I am awakened by nymphs and gnomes I used to call INSPIRATION.
I am once lost in REALITY, like a living dead in the world of FANTASY.
I am saved by the blessing of heaven I used to call my FAMILY.
I am born again to chase SUCCESS as my own DESTINY.
     I have a dream that someday, I‘ll be recognized by the human race not just by name but through the fruits of my endeavor I should call VICTORY.

To GOD, be the Glory.
To me, attain Victory.

Signed by the Master of her own Destiny
Astro Naughty

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