Friday, April 27, 2012


What If?
-- Jerico F. Tecson --

What if
I were an alien,
An extra-terrestrial living in a far away galactic system
Would I meet an earthling?

What if
I were a superhuman,
An extraordinary earthling of great responsibility of great possessed power,
Would I be the president of the Philippines?

What if
I were a monster,
A never-imagine destructive creature shaking other’s legs on movies,
Would I be beaten by a superhuman?

What if
I were a cyborg,
A metallic living thing programmed to be like or be better than an earthling,
Would I be an Autobot or a Decepticon?

What if
I were invisible,
A hollow man unable to be seen by earthlings’ naked eyes,
Would I become a pervert?

What if
I were a God
A person that exist through His works that cannot be explained by earthlings,
Would I be as creative as Him?

What if
I were you,
An earthling that is reading these unusual possibilities,
Would you be able to mind these?

Yes, I do mind these thoughts.

If I were…
-- Astro Naughty –

If I were an alien,
I want to be “Doraemon”, a high-tech, amazing alien.

If I were a superhuman,
I want to be “Son Goku”, the all time hero of the universe.

If I were a monster,
I want to be “Hulk”, having small brain but have a big heart.

If I were a cyborg,
I want to become “e-boy”, the friendly, loving robot.

If I were invisible,
I choose to be an angel, so I am Heaven sent as a guardian.

If I were a God,
I want to be Themis , the Goddess of Divine Justice and Law.

And If I were you
I’ll think of who I wanna be.

Being the master of your own destiny,
Fantasy would not be far from reality.

“I want to thank the writer of the poem, What If.
It made me think of the characters I want to become
 if and only If I were…”

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